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The Conference & Event Management Ltd. specializes in organizing events, conferences, trainings, workshops, press conferences, product presentations, professional and trade events, exhibitions, corporate team building programs, and organizing various events in the whole territory of Budapest. If to consider with other event management companies our great advantages are: we have many years of experience in the event arrangements, in various types of conferences, so we would like to offer the opportunity for successful implementation of any of them.

Organizing professional events, besides providing information, is an opportunity to engage participants in professional conversations and for building personal relationships. Therefore, being an event management company, we consider important to raise the events to the highest possible level so the participants cold enjoy themselves for the event’s time and the networking should have not only short, but long term results.

The Conference & Event Management Ltd. team has great experience in event management. We have the following services for your kindly consideration.


In the area of event management you can view more details about our services by clicking on an option below.